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We call these laws natural, not because they are immutable Laws of Nature, but to indicate that these laws have evolved from the innate nature of man.The emotional and physical well being of a society and its members depends on a common code of conduct, a common morality among all of its members.Your goal is to study the smooth,. states that all rock layers were originally horizontal.

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The whole world would be brimming with happy persons, if only people would stop trying to make other people happy.

The term Morality covers the vast arena of human conduct that examines our interaction with other human beings.We may apply the term ethics synonymously with morality but this word may also refer to laws or to quasi-laws, such as the ethics of a particular profession.Public law deals with matters that affect society as a whole.Manipulations, under the pretext of morality, may represent an attempt to reap personal gain by altering the self-perception or self-esteem of another person.It was easy for him to suggest such conduct because he forced slaves to tend to his tranquil garden.We kill animals for sport, or we eat them at our pleasure and convenience.A New Morality, Part 3: A Personal Morality Chapter 08.05 MORALITY - SUMMARY AND CONCLUSIONS.Who was more evil, or was none of them evil: Stalin, Hitler, Churchill, Roosevelt or Truman.

A society of persons, in the sociological context, is the conglomeration of individual human beings who have come together for their mutual protection, welfare or communality of interests.If we consider it immoral for human beings to torture other animals, why do we not condemn a cat for playing with a mouse before eating it or discarding it.

Evolution, and life itself, is due to the ability of a complex chemical compound to sense a threat to its continued existence and to react upon such impulse with an attempt to negate any incipient threat.In past centuries, the religious hierarchy governing a society commonly promulgated the rules and dogmas of what they consider moral conduct.

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Societies cannot exist without a cohesive code of conduct, without a system of morality.Why does the Negative Golden Rule function so exquisitely when the Golden Rule is completely counter-productive.Therefore, it is impossible and presumptive for a person to decide what may be desirable for another person, merely as a projection of his own desires.This ability superimposes rational, logical thought processes on our primitive emotions.

Most people acquire a somewhat vague sense of morality, a sense of how we should or should not behave, from their parents, their social group, their political environment or their religious affiliation.It is much easier and much more rewarding to focus all of our efforts and resources on making ourselves happy.

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However, it is important for all individuals to be aware of any differences in conduct that may exist among various groups.Due to the relative nature of all morality, the list of moral conundrums and enigmas is endless.Conversely, a list of human-caused events that no person likes to experience is very short.

This law is so simple and self-explanatory that all societies throughout human history have adopted it and vigorously enforce it.A Theological Perspective of Morality Religious persons try to find the answer to moral right or wrong, evil and goodness, in the bible or other religious texts.

Emotions control the preponderance of basic human needs and behavior patterns.In setting up rules of conduct we must have a means of determining precisely what conduct is mutually beneficial and therefore permissible, and what conduct is not beneficial and therefore prohibited.Since this long-winded moral exhortation is nothing but a convoluted version of the Golden Rule, it is just as ineffective as the Golden Rule.The other two natural laws of morality are set forth in detail in subsequent sub-chapters.The law of excluded middle can be summarized as the idea that.Only the Negative Golden Rule is in alignment with innate human survival instincts: Do not do to others what you do not want done to yourself.

Our solar system is part of our Milky Way Galaxy that consists of about 100 million stars, of which our sun is a minor component.If there are extraterrestrial life forms or beings, are they subject to human morality or can they make the same distinction that we make between man and other animals.He faces constant contradictions because each of these belief systems claims to be the only true and authoritative source of morality.The translation of these texts from archaic languages provides ample room for misconstructions or misinterpretations.Clearly, our various preordained teachings about morality make a nebulous moral distinction between the animal called man and other animals.What is the relation between law and moral or ethical rules accepted by a community of people.Knowledge is power and the extent of our knowledge of Objective Reality directly determines our standard of living and our happiness.Questions about the very concept of moral absolutes have. have something of the moral law imprinted on us. and draws us to the God who deals.Human survival instinct always makes it more desirable to be a live slave than to be a dead freeman.

Most persons have acquired the basic tenets of their morality from others and have accepted them as true and valid, without further questioning.However, how will we know if an unexamined idea, imposed on us by others, is actually true and beneficial to our well-being.All such individuals search for individual happiness in their own way, as is the nature of all individuals.From the perspective of the universe, the human race exists only to the extent of recognition we give to a single grain of sand on all the beaches on earth.A study of the relative nature of morality poses interesting questions.

The element of time has shrouded all such scriptures in extreme mystery or factual haziness.It is impossible to know and understand all of the wants and likes of another person.All human beings have an infinite number of wants, needs and desires.It is often painful to come to terms with the relative nature of the human concept we call morality.

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