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For privacy reasons, I am also removing my neopets username from my website.In this neopets guide we take a look through the best Neopets dailies.August 24, 2005 As promised from yesterday, the Daily Freebies Guide has now been finished.Neopets Dailies, Neopets Freebies, Daily Neopets Links, Get NP Easy.

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If you used to be in The Simpson Guild, you can still view the old website here.Hang of you so i had the daily, freebies: neopets stock market is.

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The Random Events Guide is the second guide that I have released so far.All of my current efforts are being spent towards my second attempt at a Pack Rat.If you own a jelly gallery, I might sell it to you for slightly cheaper.

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December 17, 2005 The Lab Ray Log has been updated with all of my results up to March 2005.He bought just about every single food item from my shop, and I have calculated the price of his purchases, which is 36,265 NP.

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For now, I only have a listing of Rarity-99 Foods items, but the rest of the list will be finished soon.

I will soon release a new in-depth guide on cheap food that can be bought for five or less neopoints.I have lost all results prior to March 28, 2004 when my computer was formatted, unfortunately.The bad news is, this medicine can actually be picked up from the Snowager, and this medicine is only rarity 35.If there has been a major change made to neopets, let me know about it.

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Feel free to send me some information on these neggs, but above all else, DO NOT give me the link to another website with information on neggery neggs.Click the book image to go to the guide we have relating to that daily. Monthly Freebies.

In fact, I might be able to update this website as early as tomorrow afternoon.August 9, 2003 I am currently in the process of re-making this website.

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Check out our Neopets Grave Digger Guide. Try to complete the daily crossword for your chance to.The real owner of this website is a person with a size 110 shop and size 82 neodeck with four colored pets.A few of the automatic dailies include monthly freebies, NeoPets Dailies Guide - Neopets::.

It is only worth around 10,000 NP at this time, but expect the price to rise in the nearby future.Snorkle Snouts have greatly skyrocketed in price since the last time I updated this website.

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December 15, 2004 Item images have now been inserted to the Rarity-99 Price Guide: Foods section.

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Home Alternatives 8 Games Like Neopets. You can also get your hands on daily powerbucks and freebies.I strive to bring you the best and most powerful information on Neggs.December 21, 2005 Have you ever wondered which omelettes were the most common to receive from the Giant Omelette.