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A phase comparator provldes an output pulse for each 360 deg of phase difference occurring, there being a negative pulse for phase shtft in one direction and a positive pulse for a phase shift in the opposite direction.Each of these areas of work is an important area for achieving the ultimate goal of usable SiC-based composites in high-temperature corrosive environments typical of fossil energy applications.Multiphase microstructures are necessary to develop acceptable toughness and creep strength in high temperature intermetallic alloy matrices.The objective of the project is to reduce to practice the detection and identification of biological warfare pathogens by the nucleic acid recognition technique of PCR (polymerase chain reaction) in a multiplex mode using flow cytometry.The source of this lag was not determined but could be related to either an acclimation of the microorganisms to other chemicals found in the condensate or reversible inhibitory effects on TCE degradation.The exposure information also is used to estimate the baseline health impact assessment of current levels and for evaluation of the health benefits of the regulatory alternatives.In support of this primary objective, there are secondary objectives to determine DOE operational inspection requirements and DOE system fielding requirements.In the manufacture of structural ceramic components, grinding costs can comprise up to 80% of the entire manufacturing cost.Phase becomes important when the beam is coherent and the imaging system is sensitive to interference phenomena.

Laboratory models of a variety of SHE devices have demonstrated the feasibility and efficiency of the system, engineering development of large prototype devices has been slowed by a series of materials and fabrication problems.A systematic evaluation of reforming technologies, fuels, and transportation fuel cell applications was conducted for the purpose of selecting a suitable multi-fuel processor for further development and demonstration in a transportation application.Research has been conducted on the rapid solidification of selected intermetallic alloys and on the phase transformation paths that occur during cooling, primarily in the Ti-Al-Nb system.In manufacture of structural ceramic components, grinding costs can comprise up to 80% of the entire manufacturing cost.Yet during that same time period, customers will purchase many millions of long-lasting appliances which are not compatible with the Smart Grid.Most of these were related to the different thermal expansions of adjacent parts constructed of different materials.Measurements have been made at the pore scale, in a two- dimensional network as represented by a fracture aperture, and in a porous medium.The wave function representation associated with the SG POM is then used to prove the duality between the phase measurement and the number operator measurement, from which a number- phase uncertainty principle is obtained, via Fourier theory, without recourse to linearization.A Phase I research program on capacitive energy storage at liquid-nitrogen temperatures is reported.

Volume II (this document) describes an AeroMACS prototype evaluation and presents final AeroMACS recommendations.Bike models were limited only with the stepwise logistic models using Census tracts in the selected regions.They determined that among the development technologies, carbon sorbents could most benefit from closer scrutiny.

Fuels under consideration in this study included methanol, ethanol, and natural gas.Such uses have been prohibited due to the necessity of keeping the actual P2, P3, and FHM grids.This requires either thick high modulus material like glass or metal, or actuators to control mirror shape.The US supply of Pu-238 is almost exhausted and will be gone within the next decade.Subsequent inspection and operation at low speeds did not reveal the source of the noise.In this situation we determine the maximum average quantum- phase synchronization fidelity and the distribution of relative phases and fidelities, and we identify optimal quantum circuits that achieve this maximum fidelity.

This process involves the economical recovery and regeneration of potassium seed used in the MHD channel.This phase consisted of the design, fabrication, testing, and evaluation of an advanced pulse combustor sized for residential space heating requirements.Lastly, two appendices discuss cost adjustment factors for an ETF located in the KSA, and an update of the commercial system cost estimate based on preliminary cost quotations for the ETF.The results suggest that the decommissioning was successful and no contamination of the.The main results of this project were as follows: (1) It was shown that the nanofiber production process produces hydrogen as a byproduct. (2) The hydrogen, or hydrogen-rich hydrocarbon mixture can be consumed with net release of enthalpy. (3) The greenhouse gas emissions from both coal and natural gas are significantly reduced.High temperature process steam application at the Southern Union Refining Company, Hobbs, New Mexico.

The controller sets both piston amplitudes and maintains the phasing between them.The system parameters included conveying gas velocity, injector tank pressure, screw conveyor speed, pipe radius and pipe bends.The specific objective in Phase 1 was to deliver fully engineered retrofit options for a fuel oil-designed watertube boiler located on a DOD installation to fire either MCWM or DMC.A national market survey including a study of applications and market sectors was conducted.The intent of the RadSTraM project was to determine the feasibility of tracking radioactive materials in commerce, particularly International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) Category 3 and 4 materials.The spindle power consumed by this wheel during test grinding of NC-520 sialon is as much as to 30% lower compared to a standard resin bonded wheel with 100 diamond concentration.But this report is also a personal story that narrates the birth of a collaboration.EDS operations have been successfully demonstrated in both the once-through and bottoms recycle modes for coals of rank ranging from bituminous to lignitic.

The successful preliminary studies suggest that with further development the crowdsourcing approach could fill a gap in current crystallographic methods by making it possible to extract meaningful information in cases where limited resolution might otherwise prevent initial phasing.This report covers Phase II of the contract period (May 1, 1983 to July 31, 1984) and is a continuation of the work performed in 1983 and reported in the Phase I final report, FE-19122-30.We experienced very few development issues with this high-power controller.The system locate s the tip position of penetrometer probes as they are placed underground while meeting the rigid constraints of environmental restoration applications.It overcomes the limitations of traditional DBD codes which are limited to low-speed applications and have weak prediction capabilities.This report provides an overview of recommended Facility Design and Specifications, including Accelerator Design, Building Design, and the associated Construction Cost Estimates and Schedule.The system is comprised of 22,000 square feet of single glazed air solar collectors, 700 tons of rock storage, and a heat recovery wheel, and is controlled by a microcomputer control system.As a result, modeling and experiments were initiated to investigate the existence of EVD.Calcination of ZnO nanoparticles was exploited to explicate the unexpected significant loss in superhydrophobicity of the sample loaded with high ZnO content.

The data-gathering phase should be coordinated fully with the principal users of the data, and all data should be stored in an easily accessible form.The Phase 1 Decommissioning Plan provides the relevant derived concentration guideline levels (DCGLs) for the Phase 1 radionuclides of interest.Details of the controller are described in the Phase I final report.Having a standard, unified, and userfriendly interface which operates on multiple platforms will benefit HPC application developers by reducing training time and allowing users to move between tools rapidly during a single session.The thermodynamic model developed is an extension of the previous model developed for VLE of coal derived fluids (DOE Grant no.The overall goal of the Education Satellite Communications Demonstration is to design a framework for the analysis of the potential utility of satellites to education in this country.Evidence of wear was present only at the microscopic level, and even then was very minor in severity.

All of the sampled wells were outside the Everest city limits.A reference area will be selected on the basis of CSAP data results if the WRS test becomes a necessity.This report also describes airport categorization and channelization methodologies.X-ray photoelectron and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopies were also utilized to further characterize the samples.Specific test procedures are outlined and described, as are individual tests for measuring the performance of the circulators.Research on the application of solar energy to industrial drying or dehydration processes.